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A brass candlestick can be of various forms

Elegant brass candlestick is a product that can be used as a decoration for residential and office spaces. A stylish menorah will also be a great gift for various occasions.

The exclusive menorah is a seven-branched Jewish candlestick made of the best quality brass. This product was used by Jews for ceremonial purposes. The menorah we propose is a manufactory product imitating the coat of arms of Israel, which has been additionally protected against mechanical damage.

A brass candlestick resembling one of the oldest symbols of the Jewish Nation

The beautiful menorah from our assortment is a unique, richly decorated candlestick. It is a faithful representation of the product used by the Jews in the Tabernacle and Temple in Jerusalem. Recommended by us brass candlestick is one of the oldest symbols of the Jewish Nation. The product does not require regular maintenance because it has been covered with specially selected preparations that protect the brass against tarnish.

Menorah – table decoration in dining rooms or living room interiors

The intricately crafted brass candlestick from our assortment resembles the shape of the burning bush that Moses saw at Mount Sinai. This product is made of cast brass and has a round, corrugated base. Thanks to this, the menorah proposed by us can be a luxurious decoration, decorating living rooms or dining rooms.

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Carefully crafted menorah to luxurious candlestick , made of brass casting. This product was made of the best materials, which confirms its high quality.