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Door knockers

Stylish door knockers are decorative products made of carefully selected materials. These products replace the popular doorbells, which are also an extraordinary decoration of the entrance to the house or flat.

Luxurious doorbells from our shop are products decorated with a bas-relief with an image of a lion’s head. They have a function of a bell. These patinated products are covered with a colourless layer of varnish, which prevents their surface from oxidation under the influence of adverse weather conditions.

Door knockers – an unusual decoration of the entrance to the house or flat

Brass door knockers, which can be ordered through our website, are products made using casting method. The aesthetic value of these products is affected by their patination. Elegant door knockers with an image of a lion have a special element placed at the bottom and intended for trouble-free installation of this button to the doorbell.

Why buy door knockers?

Uncomplicated installation, which is distinguished by door knockers from our assortment, is facilitated by threaded holes in these products and two screws with metric thread available in the set. The attractive door knockers with the lion image require no maintenance. The low weight of our products does not cause strain on the door frames.

The original looking door knockers are very carefully made products. Their excellent appearance makes them an effective decoration as well as an alternative to doorbells.