Repliki Broni

Sabre „karabela”

White arms, which includes the saber rifle, is an exclusive product. It is a replica of a white weapon, used by the Polish king John III Sobieski. Product, which is a saber saber, located on the website of our store, has a brass handle, intricately crafted from the original cast. Expressive ornamentation on the entire head of the handle, adds to this product exceptional elegance. The aforementioned head made of high quality steel, has been artfully polished. For the production of this item was used non-hardened steel.

Sabre saber – the original replica of a white weapon

This beautiful sabre has on its outer skirt an etched inscription, which was the motto of John III Sobieski’s expeditions. This inscription was additionally oxidized to improve its legibility and aesthetic appearance of individual letters. Available in our online store saber has attached to the handle, richly decorated sling. It was created from carefully selected materials, including gold ribbon, ending in an original-looking brag.

Beautiful saber – an idea for a gift

Our proposed weapon, which is a saber saber, is made to customer order, in the Polish armorers workshop. This reputable workshop for many years engaged in this craft. This magnificent replica of the saber can be a great idea for a gift for a former officer of the Polish Army or a lover of militaria from the late sixteenth and early seventeenth centuries. Masterfully crafted head and scabbard, which consists of our recommended saber saber, should be regularly maintained, by applying a thin layer of olive oil or paraffin.

Sabre saber – replica of white arms with rich decoration!